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About Us

Fireside Cellars has been bringing friendly and exceptional service to the city of Santa Monica for over 60 years and has been owned and operated by the same family for the last 13 years. With over 3,000 items, our knowledgeable staff is more than capable to get you the product you are looking for.

We are a small shop with a vast selection of wines and spirits. We carry a unique variety from every major wine growing area in the world, especially California. We stock one of the best Scotch selections in the area, small production bourbon, and high quality tequila. Craft beers and unusual spirits round out the collection. We pride ourselves on having a vast selection, so if you are looking for something we don't carry then we will work hard to stock it. We are also able to gift wrap items or create a gift basket year round.

Our online store is a great place to browse all of our inventory. It is a convenient and comfortable way to shop and have one of our members hand deliver your purchase right to your door.

But don't be afraid to stop by our location. We're always able to answer any questions you may have and help find the right product for you.

We appreciate your business and look forward to serving you soon!


Meet the Owner

Fred and Joseph cheersing for Fred's birthday!

Fred and Joseph cheersing for Fred's birthday!

Meet Fred. He's been in the wine business since it started back in 6000 B.C... Just kidding he hasn't been around that long... But you just learned a fun fact about the history of wine production, right?

Seriously, Fred's been a wine connoisseur for over 40 years and has owned Fireside Cellars for the last 14 years! Safe to say, he knows what he's doing. 

However, Fred's not a one man show. Mark and Santos have been around since the beginning. They can tell you about every single unique product on our shelves... all 2,872 of them!

The guy on the right, who takes after Fred's good looks, is his son Joseph. He's been in the wine business for maybe two years (not as impressive). He's definitely not as important as Fred, but handles all of the online duties. This lovely website was built with his own two hands and you can expect to get some great emails from him.

Now it's your turn to say hello! Send us a note on our Contact page.